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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Kelly was great to work with! She explained everything throughout the entire process and was quick to respond any time I had a question. I generally hate speaking on the phone and would much rather communicate via text, and she graciously accommodated that preference and only called when it was appropriate to do so and would check in via text first to see if it was a good time to talk. This was an estate sale of my family home, so what could have been an extremely emotionally taxing process was made much easier with her kindness and expertise.

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When I started looking for a house, I was a complete newbie. I knew nothing about the house-buying process; I had never owned any property before. Then I met Lisa Palumbo — and that made all the difference! At our first meeting Lisa asked me all the right questions: What type of lifestyle did I live? What type of home was I looking for? In what town? What was my budget? Did I have any specific concerns or questions?  Lisa let me set the pace in the house-hunting process, which was very important to me.  I never felt pushed to make a bid on a house. And she showed me as many houses as I wanted to see. She was clearly not looking to make a quick commission and move on to the next client.  And I very much valued her for her individualized attention. Another quality that I noticed in Lisa was her patience in tutoring me through the house-buying process. She reminded me of when I needed to get prequalified for a mortgage, when I needed to have a home-inspection appointment ready, when I needed to contact a lawyer. All of her recommendations were excellent. Everyone she referred us to was incredibly knowledgeable, efficient, and personable. I could not have found a better real-estate agent. After comparing notes with several friends and colleagues, I realize that I was very lucky to have stumbled upon one of the best real-estate agents in town. Her goal was to make sure that I found the home I wanted and to do everything she could to make it happen. For the record, thanks to Lisa’s guidance, I put a bid on one house only and that was the house I bought. I recommend Lisa Palumbo’s services very highly!  


Among Carol's many talents for real estate are her stick-to-itivenessand her understanding of local resources. She can help find good answers to virtually any problem, and with great spirit. Remember this is a woman who has driven across Afghanistan 3 times. She gets the job done.

Ellen is a fantastic realtor. She helped me navigate through the highly competitive pandemic market with confidence and I am now enjoying a home that is beyond any of my dreams. For whatever question or concern I brought to her, she offered clear and timely information. There is no doubt that Ellen has her client's best interest at heart. Her expertise, integrity, and knowledge of the market are only a few of the reasons I highly recommend Ellen Bartos!


Thank you so much for all the help & support you offered during that supreme effort you made to sell my house. You went above & beyond the call of duty and I am so glad to not own it now. Especially after I heard of the more than 2 feet of snow you all got! I so appreciate everything you did!

Lisa Palumbo was remarkable.  She was a crack negotiator, open and honest, seasoned (she knew how to respond to dubious demands of other realtor/attorney /buyers). Lisa was always professional, regularly stayed in touch, had consistent positive, high-level energy for any and all situations that arose and was fun and personable.  I could not have had a better realtor.

Hi Carla, We stopped by to say we love our house at 29 Jackson and thank you for all you help finding and getting it. Best,

"Kelly has been incredibly helpful with our purchase of our first house! She’s very friendly, responsive, and always willing to answer all our questions. Viewing houses with her was very chill and fun—we never felt pressured or awkward. We’re new to the area and she’s been so helpful with tips and recommendations. We’re moving from out of state and she’s really gone above and beyond to help out at every step of the process. My wife and I highly recommend Kelly for anyone looking for a house in the area!"

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"Carla was my agent for the sale of a historic rental property that I owned. I live out-of-state, so it was critical that she be able to independently coordinate the many tasks necessary to put this property on the market. Another critical concern was that the property be sold quickly.

She did a really outstanding job of recommending and dealing with the many contractors involved with the pre-sale work. When one contractor wasn't available, she had another one to recommend. She met many of the contractors on-site to ensure that the tasks were completed in a timely manner.

She carefully explained her logic for setting the sale price and went to great lengths to get the property quickly listed on the MLS with many very complimentary photos. This resulted very quickly in a couple offers at or above the asking price. I accepted a nearly full price cash offer within about two weeks. Between the offer and closing, numerous issues came up which we mutually resolved, and we went to closing as scheduled.

I really can't say enough complimentary things about my experience with Carla. On a personal level, I found her to to be very pleasant to deal with. Her knowledge, initiative, and personality removed almost all of my concerns during the sale. I have no reservations in highly recommending her to anyone interested in the sale of a property."

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We spent over a year looking at houses with Holly. She was so patient and easy to work with. She never pressured us into settling on a house we didn't want. She was knowledgeable about the whole process, and was incredibly supportive and kind. Hopefully we won't move again for many, many years, but  if we do, we'll call her!

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