“Virtual Staging”—a new trend for sellers?

There’s no doubt that staging can help sell a house.  In an ideal world, your seller’s agent will advise you on how to minimize clutter, remove overly-personal items, and of course, for security’s sake, stash valuables in a safe hidden location.  Your house will then be free of anything that might cloud the prospective buyer’s vision of how the house could work for them, while accentuating its features.  But professional staging can be expensive—in our Greater Northampton area, we don’t see it very often.  Is “Virtual staging” an option for Pioneer valley sellers?

Many home sellers have heard of home staging—a service where professionals arrange furniture and artwork in rooms to make them look their best (and entice buyers to make an offer). But now, thanks to technology, there’s another option that doesn’t involve shifting heavy furniture around your home: virtual staging. So just what is virtual staging and how does it work? It’s where home stagers take digital photos of empty (or badly furnished) rooms, then use photo-editing software to add pretty couches, tables, and other furnishings.

Combined with careful use of shadowing and shading, a virtual stager can make an empty room look like it’s been artfully staged. In short, these doctored photos help sell homes without the heavy lifting!

Check out the before and after photos below to get a sense of what a difference virtual staging can make.  http://www.realtor.com/advice/sell/what-is-virtual-staging-home-selling/

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