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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

I have bought and sold three homes over the past seven years and have used Lisa’s services for all six transactions. Lisa is a consummate professional with an excellent understanding of local market conditions and top-notch communication skills. I would gladly hire her again and can recommend her without hesitation.

When I started looking for a house, I was a complete newbie. I knew nothing about the house-buying process; I had never owned any property before. Then I met Lisa Palumbo — and that made all the difference! At our first meeting Lisa asked me all the right questions: What type of lifestyle did I live? What type of home was I looking for? In what town? What was my budget? Did I have any specific concerns or questions?  Lisa let me set the pace in the house-hunting process, which was very important to me.  I never felt pushed to make a bid on a house. And she showed me as many houses as I wanted to see. She was clearly not looking to make a quick commission and move on to the next client.  And I very much valued her for her individualized attention. Another quality that I noticed in Lisa was her patience in tutoring me through the house-buying process. She reminded me of when I needed to get prequalified for a mortgage, when I needed to have a home-inspection appointment ready, when I needed to contact a lawyer. All of her recommendations were excellent. Everyone she referred us to was incredibly knowledgeable, efficient, and personable. I could not have found a better real-estate agent. After comparing notes with several friends and colleagues, I realize that I was very lucky to have stumbled upon one of the best real-estate agents in town. Her goal was to make sure that I found the home I wanted and to do everything she could to make it happen. For the record, thanks to Lisa’s guidance, I put a bid on one house only and that was the house I bought. I recommend Lisa Palumbo’s services very highly!  


When our family decided to sell our house in Amherst, I interviewed several realtors. I found Lisa Palumbo on the internet and was very impressed by her website.  I was impressed from the moment she returned my call — 10 minutes after I left a message. That is follow-up. We met and her presentation was impressive.   From the moment we signed on with Lisa, the collaboration was incredible. She made some suggestions as to changes in staging the house and although it required significant effort on our part, we got busy. Lisa created a beautiful glossy brochure with amazing pictures and thoughtful comments that showcased our home beautifully. We had many showings and two open houses. Lisa’s suggestions really made the difference.  We highly recommend Lisa Palumbo. Her hard work, market knowledge, and personal service are outstanding

I can’t speak highly enough about working with Lisa. We looked at houses for about a year, and Lisa was engaged and patient with us as we narrowed down our vision for our “dream home.” Lisa’s guidance on how to make a competitive offer on a multiple-bid property gave us the competitive edge we needed and she used her local contacts with an electrician and contractor to negotiate all closing costs to be covered by the sellers.

We had a fabulous experience working with Lisa when buying our first home. As first-time homebuyers, we had a ton of questions, anxieties, and a total lack of knowledge about the process. Lisa was amazing at walking us through the steps and explaining everything. She was a perfect balance of knowledgeable and very responsive, yet also laidback. Lisa made sure that we felt no pressure to make any decisions or take any steps that we didn’t feel ready for. We found Lisa to be professional, smart, proactive, experienced, personable, and friendly. She made the home-buying process fun and not too intimidating. Also, for any couples out there looking for an LGBT-friendly realtor, we’re gay and felt 100 percent comfortable working with Lisa. Long story short, Lisa is a gem and we recommend her to everyone we know.

We spent approximately four years working with Lisa Palumbo, trying to find the right house. Lisa’s patience, honesty, and optimism really brought us through the dark times when we felt we’d never find what we were after. She never tried to nudge us into buying something that wasn’t right and — in fact — she gently dissuaded us from settling for the wrong house a couple of times. She knows the real-estate market very well and has a good sense of prices; plus, she always pays attention to the nitty-gritty house details (furnace age, electrical updating, roof condition, etc.) that aren’t obvious at first glance. Lisa is friendly and fun to hang out with. She has great relationships with the other realtors in town so she’s able to arrange showings quickly and was able to negotiate strongly and effectively on our behalf. She’s just a really honest, genuine person and her authenticity and pleasant personality made all the difference during our stressful house search.

We spent over a year looking at houses with Holly. She was so patient and easy to work with. She never pressured us into settling on a house we didn't want. She was knowledgeable about the whole process, and was incredibly supportive and kind. Hopefully we won't move again for many, many years, but  if we do, we'll call her!

Holly is a wonderful, experienced and knowledgeable realtor. She was instrumental in the speedy sale of my home and purchase of my new home. She hired a stager to offer advice about updates prior to showing my home and then hosted 2 back-to-back open houses resulting in a solid offer in under a  week, which resulted in an uncomplicated and efficient sale. Holly was also very receptive to and respectful of the needs of my family during the brief time my house was on the market. This was much appreciated as showings can be highly inconvenient especially when children and pets are involved. I appreciated Holly's diplomatic approach during price negotiations and always felt her decisions factored in both seller's and buyer's needs equally. I would highly recommend Holly to those seeking an experienced, patient and kind realtor.

Holly stayed with us for over 10 years, when we were actively looking, then for years when we weren't, and again years later when we were looking. She is brilliant and knowledgeable about a number of things to do with housing. The only thing I wished she had done for us differently is to get us a  better price for the house we bought, but I don't think she could possibly know the number of things wrong with our place that we didn't find out until after we moved in. One of those live and learn things. She did great with the place we sold, and got more for it than our asking price, to our surprise and delight, and also to hers.

Holly is a top-notch real estate agent. She listens very well and works very hard to find the suitable house based on your budget and what you are looking for in a new home. She is very quick to respond to questions and concerns. She is very patient and very knowledgeable. We highly recommend her.

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