Ho, Ho, Huh?! The 7 Most Bizarre Real Estate Stories of 2016


If you know a Realtor personally, chances are you have heard some strange stories— crazy closings, near misses, and odd behavior by seller and/or buyer.  Perhaps you’ve been involved in a real estate deal yourself where things did not go exactly as planned.  If you’d like to explore the stranger side of real estate events in the past year, this article outlines some of the weirder side of the business.

No doubt about it, 2016 was one very weird year for real estate. Everywhere we looked, we saw unexpected, odd, and downright freakyideas and stories about how to buy, sell, renovate, and rent homes. Who would have thought, for instance, that you could dress up like a giant furry animal to sell a house, or that disgusting renters could become an internet sensation, or that the famous “Full House” home would be snapped up by a surprise buyer?

Read full article here  for a roundup of the top real estate stories that shocked and thrilled us in 2016.

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