Ellen Bartos



I have lived in the hills of Western Massachusetts for most of my life. After twenty years of making my living as an art potter (along with some career interludes as a whitewater raft guide, wilderness cook, and mulepacker in California’s Sierra mountains) my interests began to include real estate. I bought my first condo in 1991 for $45,000, and in 2013 I sold the most expensive home ever sold in Northampton, for $1.7 million dollars. I have had years of experience buying and selling residential and investment properties, both on my own behalf and for clients, running the gamut from condos to high-end homes. I worked closely with Dennis Delap for more than twelve years as his team member— I learned from the best in the business! I am committed to continuing the quality of service and personal caring for clients that was Dennis’s trademark. A licensed Realtor with my Broker’s License and my National Association of Realtors “Green” designation, I am a co-owner of Delap Real Estate LLC. I love searching for the perfect home for my clients and guiding them through the process of buying or selling. This process CAN be enjoyable and (relatively) stress-free, with me along to smooth the path! I enjoy the personal interaction with clients, but I also delight in the creative side of the job, producing beautiful professional-quality photographs of seller’s homes, and designing effective marketing brochures and websites for my clients. I live by a creek in Westhampton with my husband, two lovely horses, a couple of kitties, and a very cute dog. I am active on the Westhampton Open Space Committee and I love my town!

Co-owner and associate broker at Delap Real Estate. Member of Realtor Association of Pioneer Valley, MA Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.

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