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Carla Ness

Fall Home Maintenance

Delap Real Estate: Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Welcome back from vacation! Best wishes to those heading back to school. Whether you’re getting ready to move, staying exactly where you are, or unsure where to go next, Autumn is a time of beginnings. For one, fair season is upon us! Just one of the many Fall traditions that makes Western Massachusetts a charming exciting place to [...]

Rolling with the Seasons

Delap Real Estate Rolling with the Seasons

Raspberries are one of my favorite seasonal snacks.
I love adding them to ice cream, smoothies, or just snacking
on them straight out of the carton. But one thing I don’t love is the often
outrageous pricing at grocery stores. Fortunately for me (and for
all of you berry lovers out there), the valley is rich with abundance! 

When you get fresh produce from your local farm [...]

Welcome to our new blog!

We look forward to making this the best resource for information about real estate, our local area, and current topics that impact you. Please feel free to comment on our posts if you have questions or reactions to share. If there is anything you'd like to see us write about, we'd love to hear your [...]

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