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  • Carla Ness was terrific in helping us relocate to the Pioneer Valley. She has a keen understanding of architecture and old homes as well as accurate information on schools, taxes and zoning.  Her knowledge in technical matters is phenomenal.  She was able to point out small, but important details that often aren't revealed until home inspection.  Her contractor recommendations, several of whom we have used, were excellent.

    Schwick and Adelhaide von Goeler, Haydenville, MA
  • Andrea is simply the best. She returns all calls and texts in a timely fashion. She is sweet and friendly; yet, at the same time, a great negotiator. Her negotiating skills got me an extra $5,000!

  • When I started looking for a house, I was a complete newbie. I knew nothing about the house-buying process; I had never owned any property before. Then I met Lisa Palumbo — and that made all the difference! At our first meeting Lisa asked me all the right questions: What type of lifestyle did I live? What type of home was I looking for? In what town? What was my budget? Did I have any specific concerns or questions?  Lisa let me set the pace in the house-hunting process, which was very important to me.  I never felt pushed to make a bid on a house. And she showed me as many houses as I wanted to see. She was clearly not looking to make a quick commission and move on to the next client.  And I very much valued her for her individualized attention. Another quality that I noticed in Lisa was her patience in tutoring me through the house-buying process. She reminded me of when I needed to get prequalified for a mortgage, when I needed to have a home-inspection appointment ready, when I needed to contact a lawyer. All of her recommendations were excellent. Everyone she referred us to was incredibly knowledgeable, efficient, and personable. I could not have found a better real-estate agent. After comparing notes with several friends and colleagues, I realize that I was very lucky to have stumbled upon one of the best real-estate agents in town. Her goal was to make sure that I found the home I wanted and to do everything she could to make it happen. For the record, thanks to Lisa’s guidance, I put a bid on one house only and that was the house I bought. I recommend Lisa Palumbo’s services very highly!  

    Buju Dasgupta
  • I wanted to thank you so much for all your efforts to sell the property at 298 Williamsburg Road.  Your price point was right on, and we were able to almost get the asking price, which was great given the market conditions.  Although I suppose it is typical for real estate transactions, it seemed like there were more than the usual number of details to work out and attend to.  We're delighted.

    David Veleta
  • Meghan was absolutely wonderful to work with! She was very easily accessible and communicative. It always seemed like she totally was on top of things and we always knew she was working hard for us. I highly recommend working with Meghan (and we had never worked with her and didn't know her before this).

    S. Robinson
  • Nancy Merritt has been my Realtor and friend since 1993.  She spent many hours giving me an extensive tour of practically every condominium in Northampton in 1993 to help me come to a decision about where I wanted to live.  She also sold one of my homes in Plainfield in 1993, and then again sold my Northampton condo some years later when I was moving to Brooklyn, NY.  Both sales were very satisfactory for both the buyers and myself.  When I decided to return to Northampton last spring, I went straight to Nancy, knowing that she would find the right place for me to live.  For Nancy quickly knows her clients' needs and tastes, and she is most concerned that one finds the place in which one will be most comfortable and happy.  She is a wealth of information about plumbers, electricians, and all the other helpers that one may need when faced with a new property, and all calls of distress were responded to with calmness and a solution.  I highly recommend Nancy to anyone who is either selling or buying.  Her knowledge is priceless.

    Jane H. Hovde Northampton, MA
  • Went to work immediately and wasted no time finding interested buyers. Has wonderful contacts in the area and her referrals, when I requested them, were of the highest caliber.Went to work immediately and wasted no time finding interested buyers. Has wonderful contacts in the area and her referrals, when I requested them, were of the highest caliber.

    Kim H., Northampton
  • Ellen provided her expert support every step of the way. I could always count on her reliability, integrity, and knowledge to answer my questions and guide my next steps. Her calm, steadying demeanor made me feel like selling a house is no big deal, even though it is.

    Barbara C., Easthampton
  • We were completely new to the area, so we relied on friends to point us in the right direction for house hunting. We had such glowing recommendations for Meghan McCormick from two business associate/friends that we couldn't look anywhere else. Meg was amazing. No, really, I believe she has super powers. She was organized, timely, and efficient. She was patient with me, having a 3-yr old in tow when I was not organized or efficient. Meg knows the area well and was very helpful in giving us suggestions. She took us to so many houses while we tried to figure out the style we were looking for here. She was knowledgeable about what to look for and always willing to crawl into the darkest crawl space to check things out. Her best characteristic is that Meg is honest, straightforward. You don't have to guess at what she is trying to say and you can count on her to be direct and truthful with you. This may seem like a given but I don't take it for granted and I appreciate that quality, especially in a real estate agent. One word: Fabulous

    Naomi, Easthampton
  • Jessica pulled off the herculean task of selling my house, at asking price, in three days in the middle of the worst housing recession in decades. Jessica exercised some serious savvy, great negotiating skills as well as creativity.

    Dianna S.
  • I'm from out of town, was looking for and then found the ideal condo in Northampton, and what seemed at the beginning like a simple process turned into a nightmare due to delays at my hometown bank that easily could have collapsed the whole deal. Linda Aird stayed on top of everything and everyone throughout the whole agonizing process and managed to keep it together to the eventual benefit of both me and the seller. I have no doubt that it was her persistence, professionalism and knowledge of the community that helped us find the right place and close the deal with a happy ending. Highly recommended.

    Marijohn Shearer
  • We met Nancy while looking at a house she had as a listing.  After seeing the house and speaking with her, we decided to buy it, but before we could, we had to sell 2 condos that we owned.  We had put one of them on the market before we met her, and the agent we had did nothing with it.  We had Nancy take the listing over, and she sold it in about 1 week.  Then, when we put our other unit on the market with her, that one sold in just a few weeks.  She has a great personality and is very straight forward and knowledgeable.  We would recommend Nancy to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.  She'll work with you to get the results you want.

    Stuart & Michelle Brisson From Florence to Williamsburg
  • andrea did an amazing job helping us purchase our first home. we started the process knowing nothing at all and she really helped us through every step of the process. i can't recommend her highly enough. she's super friendly and cheerful, understanding, and well educated about houses. if you're looking for a realtor, do yourself a favor and choose andrea.

    Neal and Alexis
  • Nancy is one in a million!! She is an excellent agent and friend because she loves what she does so much.  Nancy is honest, smart, funny, dependable and the most hard working Realtor we have ever met!  And we just love her.  She made what could have been a very difficult process easy and fun.  Her optimism knows no bounds!

    Kate and Mike Baur, Florence
  • After a failed attempt to sell our house, we contacted Lisa Palumbo for help. She came in with the right pricing, great marketing ideas and the ability to help us with the emotional roller coaster of selling a house. Shortly after her first open house, we were entertaining three offers! Lisa knows the market, respects her clients and always exhibits the utmost professionalism. She comes with our highest recommendation

    Danny and Susan Morris
  • Dear Nancy, Over the course of several years, Wendy and I came to know you through the numerous Open Houses where we encountered you--and we regularly came to your Open Houses because of your unusual ability to make your advertisements interesting, attractive, and accurate descriptions of what you were showing.  Those years of getting to know you proved invaluable when we finally decided to buy our present home on Oak Street in Florence.  We knew that we could rely on your assessment of the value of the property and the work that would be necessary to turn it into what we wanted.  We also knew that the builder you recommended, John Zieminski, would be right for us, and that has turned out to be exactly the case. So, although it has taken us years of looking and, recently, months of hard work to get where we are now, we are finally here.  And we are quite sure that without your help and guidance we would not be.  We wish to thank you for all of this and we are especially happy that a real friendship has grown over the time involved.  It is always a pleasure to chat with you, to exchange ideas, and to hear your suggestions about what we are doing. And--who knows--once we have unpacked completely, we may even keep up the tradition of coming to your Open Houses.

    John and Wendy Field From Northampton to Florence
  • I highly recommend Andrea for all your real estate needs. I am a former realtor myself, and a former resident of Massachusetts. I wanted to return to the area seasonally and worked with Andrea at finding the "perfect" house on a lake in the area. I found Andrea to be knowledgeable and focused on her real estate profession. She was always available to help and made the difficult task of remotely buying a house very easy for us. During negotiations I found her style very conducive to getting things done without angering others and so the real estate transaction closed on time and with all parties still feeling very positive about the others involved. She is one of the best!

  • Carla Ness and I have a working relationship that goes back many years. I have a great respect for her market sense and sharp eye for value when it comes to investing in real estate. Carla and I have been through 5 purchase and sale situations and I have always felt confident doing business with her. I would add that she is very patient (I looked at a lot of property before I purchased) and a great listener. The next time I am in the position to invest in property, Carla will be my first and only choice.

    Bill LaTerz.
  • We have known Nancy since early 2000, and since then she has helped us buy and sell five homes, and there is no one we would rather have help us.  Nancy is not only the best real estate broker we have ever worked with, she is a wonderful friend and sounding board. Nancy has tremendous in-depth knowledge of every aspect of real estate from listing to inspections to closing.  Nancy keeps track of every detail in the process, no matter how small, and is constantly on top of things.  She either knows the answer to a question right off the top of her head, or can get that answer in very short order.  If there are difficulties of any kind, Nancy knows how to work through them and keep everyone optimistic and on track.  The bottom line:  she loves what she does and it shows. Most importantly, Nancy is a fabulous person to work with--she has boundless optimism, a wonderful sense of humor and first-rate honesty and integrity.  Buying and selling a home is the most complex thing most of us will do.  We can think of no one we would rather have in our corner than Nancy Merritt.

    Ken Moore and Kerry Harling Florence
  • Andrea, I can’t thank you enough for everything you did when we worked together.  I am so thankful to have come across you ‘by accident.’  When the first house wasn’t the right fit, I didn’t feel any pressure from you.  I instantly got the feeling that you wanted me to find the right fit, rather than just sell a house.  Once I shared with you that the first house didn’t feel right, you started asking me questions about my wants/needs and also asked if I was working with anyone else.  Since I had just started the process, it was a relief to feel like someone was there to help me.  I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell a house.  I have already recommended you to several friends.  You are quick to respond to any questions/concerns and there didn’t ever seem to be any pressure while working with you.  I felt more like I had a friend helping me buy a house.Thank you again for everything you did! Take care,

  • I have worked with Linda for several months. She helped me to find the house I recently purchased. I was in a position where I was not under pressure to buy a house. I also changed my ideas abut what my ideal house would look like. Linda was very patient with me and adjusted well to my changing  requirements. She identified many different houses that might be of interest to me and was helpful to me in understanding the differences between various properties. Linda is very knowledgeable about the process of buying a house. It strikes me as a cumbersome process. Also quite different from the process in California. She made a good recommendation about an attorney to use as well as the inspector. I really appreciated having Linda to work with in buying my house and would recommend her.

    BILL GERRY 11/17
  • Ellen was absolutely wonderful to work with from beginning to end. She helped us sell our condo very quickly (her special camera lens takes stunning photos), and then helped us close on our dream home! She is kind, professional, has integrity, and went the extra mile for us!

    Nick and Sara, Conway
  • Among Carol's many talents for real estate are her stick-to-itivenessand her understanding of local resources. She can help find good answers to virtually any problem, and with great spirit. Remember this is a woman who has driven across Afghanistan 3 times. She gets the job done.

    Artelia Court, NYC and Easthampton
  • I have worked closely with Nancy over the past fifteen years, closing many sales and purchases.  I have found her to be a tireless worker, diligently and professionally handling every phase of a transaction:  from market research to Listing requirements; from Offer stage to inspection dynamics; from pre-closing issues to closing requirements.  She then assists with any post-closing matters that arise.  Nancy has even met with town officials and boards to resolve building, zoning and health issues...always within professional and ethical bounds.  I would heartily and without reservation recommend her to any prospective Seller or Buyer.

    Attorney Len Jekanowski Northampton
  • Meg is the ultimate professional. She makes the process of buying a house go as smoothly as humanly possible. She does everything right: communicates, notices the details, advises and calms when things get rocky (which always seems to happen when buying or selling a house), and anticipates all her clients' needs. She takes the worry right out of the process.

    Jody and Todd, South Hadley
  • Hi Carla, I don't know if you were at the closing Friday or not. Unfortunately my sister and I had planned other events long before the closing date was scheduled. Sorry I did not get to express my thanks in person. I want to thank you for all the help. It was truly greatly appreciated. Since we did not and have not for a long time lived in or near Leeds your assistance with finding contractors and making sure all was done correctly was great. Let me know if I can ever supply a recommendation.

  • Nancy is the best!  Smart, energetic, dependable--she knows the Valley and the hilltowns like the back of her hand.  She has a wealth of information about local resources with the technical knowledge of a building contractor and the panache of an interior decorator.  She made the task of selling our home of 20 years virtually painless and walked us through all the steps of buying another home with good humor and perpetual optimism.  We couldn't be more pleased about the outcome, and we have Nancy to thank for getting us into our dream home!

    Linda and Eric Byrne From Florence to Worthington
  • Ellen is wonderful to work with. Professional and highly knowledgeable, yet she is also down to earth. She will also work on your behalf, whether it is showing you 30 properties or selling your home.

    Cheryl H., Easthampton
  • Are you hesitant to put your home on the market or to begin the search for a new house because of the many "problems" that so often occur during these transactions?  If yes, I have good news for you!! Introduce yourself to Nancy Merritt at Delap Real Estate and you will never regret it.  Nancy was my Realtor of choice for both the sale of my home and the purchase of another.  She is knowledgeable, professional, kind, and maintains a positive attitude accompanied by a wicked sense of humor!  She will easily walk you through all of the necessary procedures for either a sale or a purchase and can easily put you at ease if there are unusual circumstances in either kind of transaction.  She also knows nearly everyone in the Pioneer Valley and can recommend home inspectors, plumbers, electricians, movers, or anyone else whose services you might need.  Nancy always responded to my questions in a timely fashion and was able to guide me through situations I might have found unbearably complicated.  Should I ever be in need of a Realtor again, I would call Nancy at Delap without a moment's hesitation.

    Paige Nangle Florence
  • My experience working with Linda was fantastic!  She's not just a great real estate agent, she also demonstrates that she truly cares about her clients.

    BARRIE VOGEL, Easthampton
  • Working with Andrea was a pleasure. She helped us through the process of purchasing 2 rental properties. She has a wealth of information and is very knowledgeable. We are looking forward to working with her again in the future as she is real easy to work with.

    Patrick and Sheryl Malone
  • Dear Jessica, Happy New Year! Thank you for your help with renting our house. You found us great tenants! We are very happy and they say they are too. So, Kudos to you and thanks for helping us remain patient and optimistic. You were great!

  • Nancy, We wanted to thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication to the successful sale of our parent's home.  Having to choose a Realtor to represent my brother and me in selling our parent's home was daunting.  Not only did we not have a clue about selling a house, the fear of not selling due to the market was present along with the emotions of needing to sell our family home.  A good friend recommended two Realtors.  You were one of them and are we glad we chose you!! You immediately took over and walked us through every step!  Because we both worked full time and my brother resides out of state, you offered to complete so many things relative to the sale that I'm sure other Realtors would have left up to the seller.  You worked around our schedules, always provided thorough explanation of steps and certainly went out of your way for us even if it meant doing so outside of your workday.  You even played therapist when our emotions got the better of us!  Your advice was sound, the attention to detail great and your pricing right on!  You are a go-getter and have a passion for what you do.  I was amazed at how you took the house and us "under your wing" and made us feel like our sale was the most important one when I'm sure you had many others going on at the same time.  Your understanding of the market and a great strategy produced three offers within a day of the open house and a timely sale!  No small feat in this market! You were excellent company, as well, and I feel lucky that a friendship resulted, not just a sale.  But as far as the realty business goes, as long as you are in the business, you will always be my Realtor and the only Realtor I would recommend to others!!  Thanks again, Nancy!

    Marilyn Cahill (and Mark, of course)
  • I live a thousand miles away from the house I was selling in Easthampton, Massachusetts, and was unsure how I would possibly sell it from such a distance. My son helped with online research and collaboratively we decided on Lisa Palumbo.   Not only did she make the sale seamless and effortless, she did so with a cheerful and easy demeanor that made her an absolute pleasure to work with. Many a time, I felt as if I were her only client. She was always readily available by phone or email. There wasn’t a problem she couldn’t solve; whether it was a plumbing problem or electrical repair, she always had the proper professionals available to tackle the task.   Whether selling from near or afar, I wouldn’t hesitate to use Lisa’s services again.

    Priscilla Goddu
  • I have only praise for Carla. She is really nice, outgoing, extremely knowledgable, always punctual, full of humor, and when there was a problem, she would instantly find a joke to match and help with her optimism. She is a wonderful professional realtor, whom you will love and trust as my wife and I do.

    Schweick and Adelhaid von Goeler. 6/14/15
  • We met Nancy Merritt in March of 2005 and we quickly became friends, so much so that we invited her to our Wedding in July. Nancy had a real challenge when she became our Realtor.  We had a very hard time finding a home, in my husband's terms, "in his Comfort Zone".  Nancy went over and beyond what any Realtor would do in a case as tough as ours, but she stuck with us and found us our dream home, which we purchased in December 2005.  Then she had the task of selling our home which she also accomplished one week before Christmas.  What a Christmas present that was!!! The difference that Nancy makes is that she loves what she does and honestly cares about her clients.  She listens to what you want and makes sure that you are truly happy in your choice.  She is also a great sounding board.  Nancy is an extremely hard worker and handles every detail no matter how minor or major that is thrown into the mix.  She never seems to miss a beat.  She has an extreme range of knowledge from septic systems to wiring to chimneys and if she does not know something, she finds her answer in a very short amount of time.  She has an unlimited source of contacts. Once you have given your property to Nancy you never have to worry about a thing.  She handles everything from listing your property to closing the sale.  You're in the best hands you could ever hope to be in with Nancy Merritt NANCY IS PRICELESS

    Lori and Tim Towne From Florence to Westhampton, MA
  • We worked with Linda to ultimately buy a house that was not what we started out looking for. Linda spent hours, over 9 months, showing us houses that fit the description of what we were interested in at the moment,...But where the value of her services really kicked in was when we had inspectors on the property. Over the course of 8 hours of exhaustive inspections, she was able to give strong guidance in what and when we should take on an expense, and when the homeowner should be the one to have something fixed...anyone can pleasantly show you houses, but how do WE know what we are supposed to take on vs the homeowner? This was where Linda helped us feel like we were doing the right thing, and where we could lean on her expertise, knowledge, and negotiating skills...When it was all over and it was closed, Linda bought us a gift certificate for a local business and wrote us a sweet note. It was a very thoughtful ending to what can ultimately be a pretty intimate relationship with someone who started out as a complete stranger. It was another reflection of how responsive she had been throughout the process

  • Linda has always been there, and gone above and beyond.  She made it happen!  We so appreciate her diligence, hard work and support!"

    CHRIS KANE, Granby/South Hadley
  • Carol helped us sell our home of 40 years and find a new place for us to call home. This was not an easy transition for us but she was always there when we needed her, and made sure that we met all our time lines. We would recommend her whole heartedly for both selling and buying a home.

    Al and Leona Parsons, Goshen MA.
  • Hi Carla, We stopped by to say we love our house at 29 Jackson and thank you for all you help finding and getting it. Best,

    Carrie and Joshua
  • Nancy, I'm here in my new home which is really a "dream-come-true" for me and much of the credit goes to you. Before making a decision on selling my home, it was recommended that I consult with three Realtors.  The moment I walked into your office I felt very comfortable and felt no need to look further.  I never regretted that decision.  You made it such a positive experience.  Before I could ask the questions, you had the answers for me.  You always kept me informed, were quick to return phone calls, if something needed doing you were on the phone immediately seeing that it got done and simply made it all so "easy". So now that my little dog, Sophie, and I are nice and cozy in our new home, I just want you to know how much your care and concern for us was appreciated. I will never hesitate to recommend you to anyone selling their home. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Betty Scoble From Northampton to Southampton
  • Linda Aird worked with me for months trying to find a home that I liked. She did her research well and kept in contact on each home that came up in what I was looking for. She found my home in Westfield. It was love at first sight. The road was rocky very often, but it all turned out great! Thank you again, Delap Real Estate, for your hard work. I love my new home!!

    GLORIA LEBEAU, Westfield
  • Holly has been by far the best. She is extremely professional while adding a wonderful personal touch.  She thinks ahead and anticipated everything we would need to get the sale closed.

    Jim F. and Kate N. of Northampton, MA
  • Meghan McCormick is a dedicated professional who truly cares about her clients. She is patient and understanding. She pays close attention to details and goes the extra mile to make certain everything goes as smoothly as possible through each phase of the transaction

    Marie Lisewski~2013
  • We are new to the area and were not sure where we wanted to live. Meg patiently explored many towns and types of houses with us, learned what was important to us in our next house, and helped us find the perfect home. She always made herself available when we needed her, and was never afraid to explore even the darkest, dampest basement. She is hands down the best agent we have ever worked with, and we highly recommend her!

    Stacy and John ~ East Longmeadow November 2014
  • I want to thank you for all the time and energy you put in to help me buy the 2 Ring Road house.  Your "Hilltowner" knowledge was invaluable Mostly, though, I want to say thanks for your patience and kindness.  I know it was a long, drawn out process.

    Julia Lynch (I helped Julia by a bank-owned house)
  • Thank you so much for all the help & support you offered during that supreme effort you made to sell my house. You went above & beyond the call of duty and I am so glad to not own it now. Especially after I heard of the more than 2 feet of snow you all got! I so appreciate everything you did!

    Cherylann Richards
  • Melany is a warm and caring person who will listen closely to individual preferences and needs in buying and selling a house.  She is high energy, hardworking person who is very thorough about follow-through.  She is tech savvy, which can be an important advantage in this housing market.  Most importantly, she is a person of integrity.

  • It was such a pleasure to work with Linda in purchasing a new home. She was very responsive through the entire process, responding quickly to questions and requests. Her organizational skills are a great asset, and she worked very well with the seller's agent in negotiating improvements before the closing. The best part of the experience was the way she guided me through making the offer, offering her expertise, then allowing me to make the decision. She set a deadline for the seller that enabled me to find out in less that 24 hours whether my offer was accepted. Thanks to Linda, I am now in my dream house!
  • Ellen succeeded in selling our home in a very challenging buyer’s market. Out of over 30 homes listed in the small town of Conway, ours was one of a handful that sold in 2013. On more than one occasion we felt that the buyer’s agent was making unreasonable demands ( and vice versa.) We were ready to walk away from the process, but Ellen remained diplomatic. If we had failed to sell our home last fall we would have faced significant hardship. Ellen was patient throughout the long process. She accommodated a few unusual requests on our part. For example, she arranged to have our piano moved when we were out of town. She more than earned her commission.

    John M., Conway
  • We would definitely recommend Holly to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in Western Mass. We are very picky people and refused to settle for anything less than our dream house. Holly worked tirelessly to understand our needs, share her extensive knowledge of the valley housing market, and of course show us house after house! When we did find the perfect property, Holly worked quickly and knowledgeably to make the purchase go smoothly, and at the price we wanted! Thank you, Holly!

    Ryan and Shannon Q. of Hadley, MA
  • My wife, Kate, and I would like to pass along our experiences with our realtor, Holly Young, in our recent condo sale in Northampton. A few years prior we had put the unit up for sale and we chose Holly to be our realtor. We had met her at an open house and liked her very much. Holly got us a full price offer the first day.  However, we then decided not to sell the unit.  Rather than being upset or disappointed, Holly assured us that it was fine with her and that she understood.  Thus this year when we decided to put our condo back on the market we contacted Holly. Over the years we have bought and sold properties in Massachusetts, Florida and North Carolina and thus have dealt with many realtors.  Holly has been by far the best. She is extremely professional while adding a wonderful personal touch.  She thinks ahead and anticipated everything we would need to get the sale closed.  In fact she showed up for the smoke detector inspection by the fire department with an extra carbon monoxide detector in case the fire department wanted another CO detector installed.  Holly navigated the sometimes choppy waters with the buyers' agent and the buyers in a truly professional yet firm matter. Words cannot express our thoughts properly but simply put she is the best. Some day we hope to be back living in Northampton.  Rest assured Holly will be our realtor.

    Jim F. and Kate N. of Northampton, MA
  • I have bought and sold three homes over the past seven years and have used Lisa’s services for all six transactions. Lisa is a consummate professional with an excellent understanding of local market conditions and top-notch communication skills. I would gladly hire her again and can recommend her without hesitation.

    Sven Huggins
  • Andrea Kwapien is one of the best Realtors I have had the pleasure of working with. Honest and hard working, she really cares for her clients and always puts forth an extra effort on their behalf to achieve results.

    Attorney Timothy Reilly, Northampton MA
  • Dear Jessica, Thanks for the holiday card! I am having a fabulous year off and all is going great with my renters. What a relief!! Thanks for facilitating that important piece of this sabbatical for me.  Best wishes to you in 2013.

  • Andrea was first instrumental in helping us find a perfect rental property that met our family needs. A year later, we contacted Andrea to help us purchase a home. Her professional demeanor, cheerful disposition, knowledge of local real estate regulations and network of lawyers, painters, contractors and anyone else necessary for a smooth home purchase made the entire process stress-free. Andrea Kwapien is simply the best example of what you want in real estate agent. Do yourself a favor and call her first.

    Meri and David
  • I can’t speak highly enough about working with Lisa. We looked at houses for about a year, and Lisa was engaged and patient with us as we narrowed down our vision for our “dream home.” Lisa’s guidance on how to make a competitive offer on a multiple-bid property gave us the competitive edge we needed and she used her local contacts with an electrician and contractor to negotiate all closing costs to be covered by the sellers.

    Kiah McAndrew-Davis
  • Andrea was a dual agent on the house we just purchased. She was great to work with. Very knowledgeable, energetic and friendly. I would highly recommend working with her!

    Kris and Sarah
  • Listed my house located in Whately with Meghan. I was immediately leaving the state with my family, relocating to the mid west. I needed an agent who was willing to put in the extra footwork of finding repair people and being a local contact person to meet at the house when inspections or repairs were needed. Meg flawlessly took care of all that, while streamlining the long distance process of keeping me informed with all the details of repairs and of the sale. Not to to mention she painlessly negotiated to the exact asking price that I was hoping for. Meg meet and exceeded all my expectations. I was never disappointed with her service and dedication. I can honestly recommend Meghan McCormick to anyone looking for a genuine, well suited, local realtor.

    Gary Jambazian~2014
  • Meg is the ultimate professional. She makes the process of buying a house go as smoothly as humanly possible. She does everything right: communicates, notices the details, advises and calms when things get rocky (which always seems to happen when buying or selling a house), and anticipates all her clients' needs. She takes the worry right out of the process. When we're ready to sell, we'll call Meg.

    Jody and Todd South Hadley~ 2013
  • Carla Ness had been the realtor for me and my two daughters ten years ago, when we moved to the Pioneer Valley, and again recently, when we exchanged our "House in the Woods” for a “Central Location”, in order to start a pedestrian life. It is hard to find a suitable house close to the city center: It took almost a year and we looked at dozens of homes and apartments. Carla was always there, giving advice, pointing out the good and the bad features, finding an answer to all questions, being infinitely patient and never pushy. Then, we had to sell our home. At the Open House, we had 4 offers. We accepted the check offer that was $2000.00 over the asking price. What more do you want

  • Jessica helped me rent my home. Jessica is very knowledgeable about the real estate market in the Pioneer Valley. Also, she helped me decorate the home during a major renovation to prepare it for rental and I feel she has excellent taste that would serve anyone well who needs to stage their home for sale. Finally and most importantly, Jessica's interpersonal skills are very very good. This intangible makes her an excellent resource for a buyer or seller. Based on these skills I will retain her services if and when I sell my home. High recommendation.

    Mark R
  • We were looking for a unique farmable property in greater Western MA or Southern VT for about nine months.  We dealt with several Realtors in sequence and with each, we were very specific about what we were interested in.  We "dismissed" several as they simply continued to show us what they wanted and not what we wanted.  We were thrilled to find Nancy as first and foremost a Realtor who "listened" as well as someone very knowledgeable about agriculture and the local farming communities.  She was also terrific at ferreting out possible sales not yet listed.  We bought our dream farm as Nancy was "on the job" as soon as it was listed.  As people who have sold 5 and bought 4 places in the last several years, Nancy was a "no nonsense" delight to work with.

    Michael Kalagher and Anna Hanchett MANDA Farm, Plainfield, MA
  • We had a fabulous experience working with Lisa when buying our first home. As first-time homebuyers, we had a ton of questions, anxieties, and a total lack of knowledge about the process. Lisa was amazing at walking us through the steps and explaining everything. She was a perfect balance of knowledgeable and very responsive, yet also laidback. Lisa made sure that we felt no pressure to make any decisions or take any steps that we didn’t feel ready for. We found Lisa to be professional, smart, proactive, experienced, personable, and friendly. She made the home-buying process fun and not too intimidating. Also, for any couples out there looking for an LGBT-friendly realtor, we’re gay and felt 100 percent comfortable working with Lisa. Long story short, Lisa is a gem and we recommend her to everyone we know.

    Becky and Jo Allen-Oleet
  • The best review of all, she sold my home and quickly!

    Jane R., Northampton
  • I decided, after the death of my husband, that a move to central or western Massachusetts to be nearer my family would be a wise one.  On a Saturday afternoon as I left my granddaughter's house I spotted a real estate office and decided to drop in and inquire about what might be available in the Northampton area.  My inquiry was welcomed and I was shown to an office where I was shortly joined by a friendly and cheerful person by the name of Nancy Merritt.  I explained my situation and the type of housing (a condo) that I had in mind.  Nancy listened to my wishes and concerns and assured me that there would be something to fit my needs in my price range.  The following day we met for an hour or so before I returned to my home in Pennsylvania.  She was able to show me several units, gave me a tour of different communities to get a "feel" for what appealed to me as well as gave me a quick overview of the town, its amenities and surrounding villages.  During the several weeks until my return Nancy kept in close touch with me, emailing photo tours of new places on the market and the necessary information to help me "see" what was available.  On my next trip to Northampton Nancy had a list of everything that might appeal to me and we went looking.  She was very much in tune to what I wanted and showed only those places that met my needs.  When I made my decision to buy Nancy saw to every step toward the final closing, arranging necessary inspections, advising me on financial institutions to ease the process, and tips on reputable businesses that might be helpful to know. I sincerely recommend Nancy Merritt as a knowledgeable, competent and friendly salesperson to any one from within the Northampton area or relocating from afar!

    Norita Reynolds--a satisfied client Fairway Village, Northampton
  • Melany is professional, resourceful, and aware of how to negotiate to make deals happen! We had a difficult transaction and Melany was by our side every step of the way looking for solutions. We are happy homeowners now, thanks to Melany!

    Becca & Sammy
  • Andrea was awesome! She was recommended to me by a friend as a great agent, especially for first time home buyers (which is what I was). She is super helpful and very knowledgeable, not to mention very nice and really easy to work with. It really made to whole process of home buying much easier and more enjoyable. I would definitely recommend her.

    Dave and Juli
  • Nancy is a great person and Realtor to work with...she's down to earth, trustworthy, and most importantly, she gets the job done.

    Sarah from Conway
  • Nancy Merritt is the Realtor's Realtor.  She was referred to me by my friend, a retired broker, whose pricey home Nancy sold in two months. I'd broken my hip and back (don't try this at home) and needed to sell my unique three story historic condo and find some place I could navigate besides a retirement complex, yuck!  Nancy found me a charming little one-floor house in my town of Williamsburg.  Because Nancy knows everyone in Happy Valley, she set me up with a mortgage banker who arranged a bridge loan while Nancy sold my condo in just a few months.  She also sold my buyer's home in Deerfield during this timeframe.  All this happened last summer when the market was rather quiet in Williamsburg.  We all came out ahead in a very short period of time.  Not to lapse into magical thinking, but you have to wonder.  Both sales were closed and the buyer for my condo and I were moved into our new houses by fall. Nancy Merritt is a social genius and a financial wizard.  As importantly, Nancy is fun and hilarious--and a truth teller.

    Liv Pertzoff Williamsburg, MA
  • As a first time home buyer I haven't worked with other real estate agents, however, I can't imagine a more determined and helpful agent. I do believe Linda has set the bar very high.

    Jeremy Kappenman, Granby
  • Thank you so much for all that you have done for Karen and me to make this sale a successful one. Your dedication was obvious and appreciated. I don't think this would have happened without you!!! We were so lucky to have met you at the Magri house and our judgement about your skills were so right. You are an excellent agent and we hope you continue on helping others like us make their dreams come true for many years to come.

    Terry & Karen Tierney
  • You have been so, so excellent -- always upbeat, always optimistic, and such a hard worker.  We hate to say goodbye to you! [We] are so lucky to have had you lead us on this house-selling journey!!  If you ever need a letter of reference, please feel free to call on us!  You are the epitome of professionalism and kindness, and we will miss your presence in our lives!

    Joanne A.
  • Andrea is simply the best. She returns all calls and texts in a timely fashion. She is sweet and friendly; yet, at the same time, a great negotiator. Her negotiating skills got me an extra $5000! I was able to use that money toward renovations. I cannot say enough about Andrea, and I will definitely be contacting her again regarding any future real estate dealings.

  • Selling our family house this spring was a hectic experience due to the short turn around requested by the buyer.  With Ted’s help we were able to get everything done on time, with minimal stress!  Ted was responsive to our feedback and did a great job of representing us throughout the sale.

    Todd & Amy
  • Jennifer Pride went above and beyond during the search for our new home. She happily and promptly answered all our questions during the process, and made some great suggestions and guidance too! We felt very comfortable throughout the whole process, never feeling like we were being steered in the wrong direction. She was truly looking out for our best interests and helped us find the perfect house for us!
    Jeremy & Erin
  • I recently purchased a home in Easthampton, Ma. I was not familiar with this area or the various neighborhoods. Andrea was a joy to work with. She quickly understood what I was looking for...what features were "must haves" and what were "nice to haves". She took me through a number of areas just so I could understand what houses were selling for and in what areas. It helped me to better understand how to set my expectations. She very quickly gathered info on any house I expressed an interest in and scheduled showings around my schedule. I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone looking to buy or sell. She has integrity and is very knowledgeable about this area.

    pc041059 Buyer
  • Andrea is the reason I am a home owner today. She worked with me for well over a year and her patience, follow through and continuous effort, when I had all but given up on finding anything, helped me find a great house. She helped me write a solid offer and took her time through the entire process so that there were no surprises. My insurance agent even commented on how helpful Andrea was in providing information and following up to ensure that the policy was written correctly. Andrea's knowledge, professionalism and calm demeanor make her an outstanding agent!

  • I can't say enough about Ellen Bartos. She worked with us reliably and consistently to sell our house, in a market in which there was not much demand. She is an immensely warm and decent human being, with high ethical standards and a calm demeanor. She is someone that it is always pleasant to sit down with, on the deck at sunset, and chat over a glass of wine. Ellen  found us a family who wanted the house. To effect this, though, Ellen had to first sell their condo for them, before they could buy our property. She handled both deals simultaneously with quiet and calm efficiency. I recommend Ellen very highly indeed, and without reservation, to anyone who wants a trustworthy and honorable ally in the purchase and sale of property. She knows the area thoroughly and has years  success under her belt. But, more than that, she works hard on your behalf and it is always wonderful to spend time, professionally and personally.

    John W., Conway
  • When our family decided to sell our house in Amherst, I interviewed several realtors. I found Lisa Palumbo on the internet and was very impressed by her website.  I was impressed from the moment she returned my call — 10 minutes after I left a message. That is follow-up. We met and her presentation was impressive.   From the moment we signed on with Lisa, the collaboration was incredible. She made some suggestions as to changes in staging the house and although it required significant effort on our part, we got busy. Lisa created a beautiful glossy brochure with amazing pictures and thoughtful comments that showcased our home beautifully. We had many showings and two open houses. Lisa’s suggestions really made the difference.  We highly recommend Lisa Palumbo. Her hard work, market knowledge, and personal service are outstanding

    Carol and Cameron Burr
  • Holly was the listing agent for 36 Hillcrest Rd, Florence. This property was my deceased father’s home, and I am the executor. In addition to being a pleasure to work with, Holly is very competent and handled what was often a stressful situation gracefully and professionally. Holly came to our first meeting prepared with six comps: three recent sales and three current listings. Coincidentally, her recommended asking price was the same as the one I had in mind from the research I had done over the previous six months. While I had spent months preparing the house to be showable,” Holly made a few easy suggestions to further its appeal. Once listed, we received three offers, and Holly provided excellent advice on managing those and getting the best price. The next 6 weeks provided much drama... With each challenge, Holly was calm and professional, and effectively resolved the issue at hand. In addition, Holly was always available. While I live outside Boston, I still have connections with Northampton and I will highly recommend Holly to family and friends.

    Kate M. of Northampton, MA

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